Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a little christmas

christmas with my folks is a tradition i don't know how (nor do i want) to break. i love it. i love how excited my kids are to see them, and i love how much fun my parents have watching the kiddies open their presents. it's a thing of beauty. so thanks parental units! you're the best!

this one is for nene. here's the white christmas that you'll hopefully be enjoying with us next year!

the tree before the kids tore into everything.

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traveltwin said...

dude. i really love and hate looking at these. love because it's just beautiful, and hate because i'm filled with jealousy thinking of the things we keep missing! this is 5 years now! ok, so i'm going to try to focus on the positive and think of all the things that we get to enjoy down here . . .