Wednesday, December 31, 2008

what are you doing new year's, new year's eve?

are you optimistic about the new year? have you made any resolutions yet? are you going to? 

last year i didn't make any at all because i was discouraged and i felt like, why make resolutions that are going to make me feel bad when inevitably fail to keep them? (i know, great attitude, huh?) 

but this year i'm more enthused. i'm excited for 2009. i'm 29 years old and it's  2009. this is the year i'll finally get to visit nyc. this is the year i'll hopefully be living in the same country as twin sis again. i'm sensing great things in the air for 2009.

how do you get ready for the new year? this year, in the spirit of the chinese, i'm trying to give my house a thorough cleaning and organization. (i'm also trying to not beat myself up that the blinds and baseboards aren't going to be done.) i want to start the new year off fresh and clean and organized. not for bad luck reasons, but because i really want this new year to seem like a fresh start.

how about y'all?


Super Nova said...

I actually went to a new age group mediation for my first time

it was cool

and i completed a lot of things for this year and just let them go

and i created a lot of thing for my new year and i'm gonna watch them grow

and i'd LOVE to meet you in NYC....i'm the best free tour guide you could hope to have.

traveltwin said...

i like the idea of making resolutions, even if they get forgotten a few months down the road. that being said, i haven't even written mine down yet. i'm trying to make realistic ones but also make a bigger effort than last year.

jomama said...

super nova,
that sounds really cool. and i'd love to see you in nyc, too! we're thinking of going in april.
that's how i feel about resolutions now, too. trying to be realistic but positive at the same time. and i think that even if goals don't get reached, it's better than not having them at all, not trying at all...

Natalee said...

Hey you. That card is too funny. It was good to catch up with you on the blog! May you have a great 2009 and may our paths cross!