Wednesday, December 31, 2008

thanks, 2008! jomama out!

2008 was the year:

we moved into a new house.

hubster and i went on a road trip to portland, oregon. and fell in love. (with the city. we were already in love with each other.)

sweet m. started kindergarten.

little red and the big bad wolf went on a walk through the woods.

the computer crashed and took with it hundreds of music files and thousands of pictures and home videos.

on a more personal note, sharing my depression issues with all of you was really cathartic and a huge step for me in facing how depression has changed me and my life. and i can say that this is the year that i felt most like myself again; more capable, more functioning, more happy, fewer bad days, and even in the really low points, a sense that things can only get better.


Super Nova said...

oh wow

i love reading this

i love that i knew each event you were talking about

i love that we are a part of each others lives

i love your bravery

i love your marriage

i love your kids

i love you.

let's keep this friendship on it's glorious way for the next year.

traveltwin said...

you rock, jo. i hope your 2009 is even better than 2008. and i hope that this WILL be the year we get to live in the same hemisphere again.

jomama said...

super nova,
wow. i'm honored to be your friend. thanks for your kind words.

no, YOU rock. let's keep our fingers crossed about the hemisphere thing!

Cindy said...

Glad you had a great year!! Hope you have a better one this year... Can't wait to hear about NYC!

Jim said...

I like your review of the year and am glad that such good things happened for you in 2008. I hope 2009 will be just as good if not better.