Saturday, December 13, 2008

ok computer

sorry about the lack of posts lately. do you know what happened?
my computer crashed. 
it was pretty horrible. when the computer-fix-it-man told us that our hard drive was kaput and he wouldn't be able to retrieve any files, i was devastated. literally the day before the crash, i was reading a blog (can't remember which one, sorry) where the lady was saying how happy she was to have her computer, to have all those memories of her family saved, and that if there was a fire, the only thing she'd grab would be her picture albums and her computer. and i thought,
"me too." how stupid was i not to back up the files?
i was able  to get most of our music back from our ipod, and we do have some pics saved on flickr...
now it's time to start over.


Lisa said...

OHHHHH NOOOOOOOO! I am SO SORRY! That happened to us a couple of years ago. They couldn't retrieve ANYTHING. Thankfully we had backed up most of our photos, but we lost all of our video clips and about 6 months of Jacob's life. It gives me a pit in my stomach just thinking about it. We now have an external hard drive and frequently back everything up. I'm so glad you had some things saved! Ugh! I'm sorry!

Cindy said...

I'm so sorry!!! At least you got some of it back.