Monday, December 29, 2008

little c. turns 2

(a week and a half ago.) sorry we're so late getting these up. for those of you who could come and celebrate: thank you so much. for those of you who couldn't, we missed you!

the only decorations we put up: (cut by my fabulous mama and glittered by sweet m. and myself)

we took the easy way out and made cupcakes with these cute letter candles. the days right before christmas are stressful enough for me without trying to plan an amazing bash. i always get great ideas but i have zero follow-through. this year i decided that's ok; it's just fun to hang with fam and friends, y'know?

i can't believe he's already TWO YEARS OLD. that first christmas with him doesn't seem very long ago... i remember how precious christmas seemed that year with a tiny newborn babe in my arms. Christ's birth was much closer to my heart that year, and i've thought about it both years since...


Jessica said...

How fun! He's such a cute little guy!

Super Nova said...

I can't believe he is TWO either!!! Man, I remember our exchange of emails trying to figure out good names for him.

You chose wisely, friend!

traveltwin said...

wow! stop growing c! i love the snowflakes, love the cupcakes, and love that he has a holiday birthday. i hope i get to celebrate with you next year.