Tuesday, July 29, 2008

10 things that make me happy

in the spirit of the last page of domino magazine, in which fabulous women with great taste share 10 things that make them happy, i thought i would do the same today. i'm not as chic as the women of domino, i know, but i felt like a bit of frivolity today. here are the things that are currently making me quite happy:
1. moleskine journals. i am presently using a small moleskine for to do lists, a medium sized moleskine for my journal, and a large soft-backed moleskine for a sketchbook. yes, i love moleskines.

2. vintage-feeling t's in gorgeous colors. love 'em, can't get enough of 'em.
3. agatha christie murder mysteries i don't know why really. i had never read any of her books until a week or so ago, and then i saw evil under the sun on a book list for the tv show lost, and sometimes i get into that show and trying to figure it out, so i read books that have been seen on the show (i know i'm weird) so i started and now i can't stop. they're easy to read, mysterious without being gruesome, and they're just fun.
4. cuff bracelets- i wish i owned this one, but it's quite out of my budget! but just looking at it makes me happy
5. my nikon d40
6. "lay and love" by bonnie "prince" billy- unfortunately i can't find a good link to this right now, but if you choose to watch the video on youtube, just listen to the song and ignore the video (while it could be construed as sweet, i'm not going to be promoting it here.)
7. speaking of quotation marks, check out this funny blog, the "blog" of "unnecessary" "quotation marks" i don't know if it makes me "happy" but it sure does make me "laugh"
8. slouchy berets
9. inspiring photography
10. magazines- current favorites: paste, domino, lucky, ready made


MÂȘElena RamĂ­rez said...

thanks for sharing with us your 10 fav thins at the moment..i think i'll do another list with mine too!

oh,and i love that bonnie prince billy song too!he's awesome!


D'Arcy said...

I want that urban outfitters hat SO much! I already have one, but I think I need that one too....curses....why did I have to look at it!!

Your list rocks, and I would have to agree that all of those things make me happy, I just got my latest PASTE CD and I need to put it in and give it a listen!

jomama said...

i can't wait to see your list! isn't will oldham amazing?
i know, i have a different one too, and then i saw that one, and i thought, "oh no!" maybe a collection is in order.
thanks for saying my list rocks, i think you should make one, because i'd love to see it! my paste subscription ran out a couple of months ago, my how i've missed it, before that i subscribed for two years. so i just ordered one up again...i can't wait till it comes!

Jim said...

I love the idea of listing things that make you happy. It's similar, I think, to making a list of what you are grateful for, which is always a sure way to improve one's outlook.

I must be getting old though or am really out of touch these days (or both?) because a few of the things on your list I've never heard of! Just goes to show that we are all different, we all enjoy different things, and there's nothing wrong with that!

Anonymous said...

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