Sunday, July 06, 2008

party like it's 1999!

today is sweet m.'s 5th birthday and we had a little party for her yesterday. just a few friends, a pinata, some bubbles. all in all i think she had a blast. here are some images:

getting ready for the party we put on some music, little c. climbed up on the table and started dancing with the pinata.

sweet m. and her friend whose birthday is july 6th as well, just a year later.

the pinata after it had been hacked to death. i didn't get to it soon enough, no pics before it got smacked.


m. chasing after some bubbles.

she had a lot of fun. this is what our doorway looked like this morning:


D'Arcy said...

So much fun! Can you believe you have a five year old?

I love these photos!

jomama said...

thanks, d! and no, i can NOT believe that i have a five year old. it's kind of crazy, no?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this beautiful pictures. I made me miss even more not being able to share this special experience with a special young lady. Love you all, Dad