Thursday, July 03, 2008

independence day memories

Firework Composite, originally uploaded by olvwu | 莫方.

one fourth, when i was a kid, we went over to uncle bill's house (family friend, not real uncle) and he was really excited about his newly-installed surround sound. we listened to the 1812 overture with all the lights off, just blasting. after a while i laid down on the floor and closed my eyes (no need, of course.) but i've loved that piece of music ever since.
remember that, traveltwin?
for me, the memories that really stick out about the fourth of july are quite typical: laying on big quilts and oohing and aahing over ever single firework, eating homemade air-popped popcorn (my family's specialty) while the light faded from the sky, and getting so excited for the fireworks to start, watching fireworks from a friend's swimming pool one year...
i remember the year that hubby and i had just gotten together officially. we had a long distance thing going at first and weren't around each other on the fourth. i remember watching the lights shatter in the sky and just aching, aching to be with him.
my dad got too close while he was lighting them one year and singed holes in his shirt.
this year, (like the last three, i believe) traveltwin has been in australia for the 4th. man i miss her while i'm watching fireworks.
i think she's having people over for s'mores.
what's more american than that?


D'Arcy said...

hmmm, apple pie?

yes, the fourth has been a big family day in my life. Always good food and friends who sit on our lawn because it is the best seat in town. You can see at least 6 different firework displays as my parents house sits on a big hill. This year I opted to stay home for some strange melancholy reason (and the price of gas) all I can think about are my parents and nieces and nephews up there, having fun without me.

Maybe I'll drive home right now.

jomama said...

i hope you had a good 4th, d'arcy. sounds like your parents' house is amazing! hope you got to go and be with your fam.

D'Arcy said...

I did!!! As soon as I read your post, I thought, forget this, I am going home! And I did. And it was as magical as my childhood once again!

Thank you for writing this post! My fourth was AMAZING!!!!!