Sunday, July 06, 2008

love and some verses

recently someone asked me for some suggestions in putting together a "make out mix." it got me thinking about what kind of music i consider sexy. i think this is something that's different for everyone. i mean, someone's getting it on to "let's get it on" but that's a little overt for my taste. i like music that's slow, maybe even a little sad, conducive to conversation, and a good beat is nice, too.
here's some of the stuff i like:

zero 7's album "simple things" has some great, slow, electronica songs with a good vibe.

iron and wine's older stuff is all good "make-out music," but i especially like "our endless numbered days." songs like "love and some verses" and "fever dream" are so beautiful, slow, and perfect descriptions of that quiet simple love.

ok, so i've never seen the movie "the life aquatic with steve zissou" but that doesn't mean i can't appreciate the music. seu jorge, a great musician for brazil, covered a whole bunch of bowie songs as kind of a second soundtrack from the movie. they're all acoustic, slowed down, and all in portuguese. they're really great for any mellow evening, but i think jorge's voice is awfully sexy.

both of feist's full-lengths, "let it die" and "the reminder" have really sexy songs on them. i especially like "secret heart" on "let it die" and "the limit to your love" on "the reminder"

acoustic, soft cuban music. 'nuff said, right?

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