Tuesday, August 12, 2008

brave girl

sweet m. had to have FIVE shots today. i had to hold her still while they gave them to her, and she did really well even though her arms got so sore. the coolest part was five different bandaids.


D'Arcy said...

DANG!!! That is a lot to put on a little girl! Poor M. Is she doing ok?

jomama said...

she's doing a lot better today, but it's hilarious, she will NOT take the bandaids off. and she's so careful changing her clothes and everything, she won't pull them off! if she's still doing that tomorrow, i'm going to insist...they're going to get dirty (yuck!)

Arin said...

Ila had to have 5 too! She was trying to be so brave and not cry. After I told her it was ok to cry she decided that she would. Only for a minute though.

I knew when I saw you sitting there you looked so familiar. Of course I placed you after you left. I kind of feel dumb. Sorry! I am in your ward and live across the street from the church.