Thursday, August 21, 2008

sweet m.'s first day of kinder

oh, it was lovely. she looked so cute and of course, her style was all her own. i thought i would get emotional seeing her sit at her table in her new classroom, but i was too stressed out to get emotional. it was hard juggling her school supplies, holding little c., and sweet m. wanting to hold my hand! but it was great. we started a new journey today, and it's going to be great.

i helped sweet m. sharpen her pencils, and i thought the shavings were very beautiful.

some sharpened by her, some by me.

new and shiny backpack, pandapple, hanging out with maddie the matryoshka.

brand new school shoes. oh, i love these shoes. wish they made them in my size!

i had her stand by the door and pretend she was leaving. *sighs.

she got bored of waiting around and kept asking, "can we go to my school now?"

to deal with the boredom, she started playing around with my glasses.

the full outfit: i suggested the top (it's new) and cut her jeans into jean shorts for her. she insisted on socks pulled up, and her new ladybug shoes.

outside the brand new school. they just finished building it.

i was so glad she got to sit at the red table, red being her favorite color. i took this picture, then i picked up little c. and left her all on her own. she had a brilliant day.


Jim said...

What a cute girl she is! How fun that she's starting school- I'm sure she'll love it.

It makes me sad in a way because I remember (vaguely) when ours started kindergarten. It seems like yesterday but at the same time it seems like so long ago. But they grow up so quickly- you really have to try to cherish each day....

Thanks for sharing the cute pictures.

D'Arcy said...

the pencil shavings are my favorite!!

no wait...her SHOES are my favortie!!

no wait! Ijust can't decide, what a beautiful memory of photos you captured for her! you sometimes wish that your parents had been into photography so that we could have photos like this of our youth? Mine are few and far between and mostly blurry.....but dang, any child near me has a LOT of photos to work with!

jomama said...

thanks jim! that's a good reminder. it seems to me like a short time ago, too, that your kids were little. oh they were such cuties! (not that they aren't cute now, it's just different, y'know.)
thanks! yea, i do think about that sometimes. but i am so glad that my kids have so many pictures of themselves to look at. it's already one of m.'s favorite things to do!

Natalee said...

seriously that camera, amazing, and mixed with your talent makes it even better.
what a cute girl and off to school! I can't believe we are sending our kids to school already! Craziness!

Frances said...

Oh she is beautiful! And man is she tall! Your photos are so good, I wish I could make my blog look so professional!

Cindy said...

Those are sweet pictures. :) I'll be there in a few days as well... They grow so fast. :)

jomama said...

isn't it crazy to have kids in school? it's so adult, which i don't feel like at all :) thanks for complimenting the pictures. i just LOVE taking photographs. be glad you don't live by me because i am driving everyone around me NUTS taking their pictures. and taking my camera everywhere. i love it.

jomama said...

i love your blog! i'm always checking on it to see what's new in your life. you know what though? you should put up pictures of some of your artwork. to this day, i've never seen any of it! and i'm dying to! (just a selfish suggestion on my part, but i think it would be lovely!)
she is tall, huh? i think she's the tallest in her class! i think she's beautiful too, but i'm a little biased.

jomama said...

thanks! i'll be sure to check your blog for pictures of your day. you're right, they do grow up fast!

Anna said...

She is such a cutie!

jomama said...

thanks, anna!

Elena R said...

she looks so happy in the first da!
when my mum let me there for the first time I started crying and crying...oh,I've got photos of that day too :)

jomama said...

i was surprised at how well she did, too! i think i cried my first day, like you did. :)