Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sky blue sky

in sweet m.'s kinder class they are learning about colors. today's color is BLUE. the kids are encouraged to wear the color they are learning about, so m.'s outfit today was completely blue.
to go along with the blue, a picture of the sky a few evenings ago when we took a family walk.

i'm feeling rather blue today, myself.


Frances said...

I love those converse, gotta get me some. I've been catching up on your blog and I look so forward to each post--such good photos!

Arin said...

Your swett m. is so cute! My little one came home yesterday and asked if I would ask her to come play some time. She loves making new friends.

Cindy said...

I think blue is a great color on M. It's one of my favorites. Specially on flowers. :) Anyway I like the sky picture... We don't see a lot of blue in the sky lately because of all the fires. It's all hazy. Sad...

jomama said...

aren't converse just cool? timeless classics. i have some green ones...hey, i should wear those more often. thanks for your compliments. i'm just so happy to be in touch with you again i think i might burst!!
m.'s been talking about "her new friend" (your little girl.) she would love to come over and play, or they could play here as soon as i get the house cleaned up... :)
thanks! it really stinks that you're having so many fires. i hope it'll clear up really soon. thanks for checking in here! that goes for everyone!

D'Arcy said...

i felt blue yesterday too. i like relating myself to a color.

jomama said...

i'm sorry you were feeling blue. i hope you're feeling better today! i love you!