Wednesday, August 20, 2008

my midnight confession (at 2:48 pm)

in lieu of d'arcy's post a while back full of confessions, i have decided to make one of my own.
i watch the hills. i know what you're thinking (at least i think i know): "dirt! trash! mind-numbing idiocies! demonstrative of why this country's going to h-e-double hockey sticks in a hand-basket, so to speak!"

and to you, i say, "i know, i know. but i can not help myself. i know it's stupid, vapid, and trashy. but i love it. i love those girls. i love how lauren keeps saying she wants to get away from all the drama after which she immediately embroils herself in more drama. i love how audrina constantly plays with her hair and constantly gives justin another chance while we yell at the t.v. "do NOT give that jerk another chance, you sweet girl!" i love how gorgeous whitney has a kind of valley-girl-ish accent, but is so sweet, so GORGEOUS, and so unbelievably willing to listen to all the ups-and-downs of lauren's life, that it kind of makes me want to talk like her by the end of every episode.

until i snap out of my hills' trance, get off the couch, and face the real world with people who don't have extensions, mani/pedis every week, and go out to the most exclusive clubs every night.
can someone please tell me why i'm so intrigued by these peoples' lives? i'm not at all interested in that kind of lifestyle. in fact i find it rather silly most of the time.
so i convince myself that it's an anthropological study, like watching a national geographic special. yea. that's what it is. that's why i love them thar' hills.


D'Arcy said...

I have heard of this but never have watched it. It's just the type of thing I would get roped into...when and where is it on?

except, I dont have tv...but I do have internet!

i bet that felt good to get that off your chest!

jomama said...

it did, it did! it's on mtv (i know, even more sighs.) i think monday nights at 9 or something. i tivo it so i'm not exactly sure of the time.

matirose said...

ok, i just linked here from flickr and have to confess that i literally just turned off the hills via mtv 1st episode. totally hooked & it's so banal. but it makes me happy to confess to a stranger :) spencer is driving me nuts. he's so awful.

jomama said...

i'm so glad that it's not just me! thanks for clicking over here. your artwork is delightful!