Saturday, August 16, 2008

sweet m. lost a tooth

no. literally. she lost it. yesterday after some unexplained accident involving a toy whistle in her mouth, her little brother, and a door or a bed, (it was hard to get information from her while she was wailing and blood was running out of her mouth,) two of her teeth seemed really loose. when she woke up this morning, one of them was gone, just gone! we looked all over her bed for it, and we still haven't found it.
we told her not to worry, the tooth fairy will still come.
what's the going rate for a tooth these days?


D'Arcy said...

I don't know, a dollar? Or is that too cheap? I used to get two quarters taped together with duck tape (my dad!) I thought it was so unelegant for a FAIRY to do that. Couldn't she at least have used ribbon? Then the quarters were all gewey from the tape and it took me like five mintues just to get them out. I think that was my dad's favorite part, watching us work so hard for fifty cents!

jomama said...

that is hilarious! your dad sounds like such a character. we ended up giving her two dollars, one for each tooth, because later that day she lost the other one!

Jim said...

I wonder if she swallowed the missing tooth in her sleep? Our Kate is always worried about that when she has a really loose tooth. Do you ever have those dreams where your teeth are just falling out, and you end up with a mouthful of teeth that have fallen out in your mouth? I guess I'm just weird- it's one of those recurring dreams that I have every once in a while....

Anyway, both of your kids are precious, and it's fun to check in here and see them (since we never make it to your neck of the woods to see you all in person....).

jomama said...

sorry, i just barely saw this comment on here! but i have those teeth dreams ALL the time, in all forms. they're weird.
and thanks for pointing out that she could have swallowed it, i never thought of that!
thanks for checking in here, i'm on my way to check out yours now!