Tuesday, August 12, 2008

in the garden...

i fell in love with the chinese classical gardens. they were so peaceful, so well-manicured, so green. i took my camera out and didn't put it away the whole time we were in there. everything i looked at seemed like a picture, and there i was clicking away. i don't think any of the pictures i took really reflect the beauty of the shaded sunlight and moon gates of the gardens, so i guess you'll have to go and see for yourself! until then, here are some images:


D'Arcy said...

Everything IS a picture....this is why it is SO hard to travel with someone who doesn't like taking photos. Hopefully N. is more patient than my family!!

Again, dang girl...these are inspirational!

jomama said...

he is so patient. i whip the camera out and say, "i have to get a picture of this" and he just says "ok" and holds the lens cap for me. (maybe he rolls his eyes but i'm too busy taking pictures to notice.)
and thanks for the compliment!